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Welcome to UmpireBook.com!

UmpireBook was NOT developed to just give our opinions on Umpires! It was developed solely to disclose potentially biased relationships between Umpires, Insurance Carriers and insurance carrier Appraisers.

Through giving a very simple rating to the Umpire along with listing the identity of the Insurance Carrier and their Appraiser then potential biased relationships begin to become very, very clear!

Before you proceed, please watch the following short video tutorial. Please make sure you turn up the sound on your computer.

Here is the video: http://www.screencast.com/t/pNzHkVl4DY

We have constructed this site in such a way as to allow the following:

1. Policyholders Appraisers will be able to register for an account at www.UmpireBook.com. Currently we are only accepting applications from Licensed Public Insurance Adjusters. Professional Appraisers as well as Attorneys will also be permitted if they can display substantial proof that they work only on the side of consumers.

2. Once registered, the user will be able to post profiles of Umpires and Insurance Carriers Appraisers that they have done business with.

3. Once a Profile of an Umpire or Insurance Carrier Appraiser has been posted then Registered Users will be able to rate their experience with the Umpire or Appraiser. The rating will consist of:

a. The date the Appraisal was concluded (The approximate date is acceptable)

b. The identity of the Umpire

c. The identity of the insurance carriers Appraiser

d. The name of the Insurance Carrier

e. A rating of either Excellent, Average or Poor for the Umpire

Once the above information has been entered, the Umpire or Appraisers profile will display the rating for others to see. After numerous ratings of the same Umpire or Appraisers performance by many different Registered Users we will begin to see the following:

a. A quick "at a glance" idea of any biased relationships between Umpires and specific insurance carrier Appraisers.

b. If the Umpire has been reported to have acted as an Insurance Carriers Appraiser and if so by which company and how the Registered Users Rated him while doing so.

c. A list of the Umpires that the Appraisers have worked with in the past and the Registered Users opinions of the outcome as well as a list of Appraisers that the Umpires have worked with in the past and the Registered Users Opinions on those as well.

4. The Registered User will also be allowed to make specific notes on his opinion of the performance of the Umpire or Appraiser. The notes can be quick singles sentences or whole paragraphs. The Registered User will be able to choose to make the specific notes either anonymous or allow his name to be shown as the author of the notes.

Remember, that the Umpire Book depends on you, it's users , to make it the fantastically useful tool that it can be for all of us. So, you must take the time to enter in the data. If necessary, give your secretary a list of your past Appraisals with notes on your opinions and have her enter the list. We encourage you to share your thoughts on how we might make the site better and even more functional. Please send me an email with your thoughts or comments to:


Umpire Book is a private site that we do not allow to be indexed by the search engines, however, please do not forget that we have three other sites that are public and highly indexed by Google and the other major search engines. So, don't forget to add your Umpire profile to our Umpire List at www.umpirelist.com and your Appraiser profile at www.claimappraiser.com and lastly your Public Adjuster profile at www.publicadjuster.mobi

Thanks in advance for your help in assisting consumers!

Steve Hadhazi - UmpireBook Administrator